What is Exam Genius Platform?

Our Platform support both the formative and summative assessments. All our formative assessments are tailor made for individual student based on their strengths and weaknesses across different subjects and within different modules and sub modules within a given subject itself.

At Exam Genius ,we are innovating & engineering cutting-edge solutions, to overcome the key challenges in ‘Teaching and Learning’ with the aim of bringing a novel experience, to it’s direct users and other stake holders. The technologies employed are AI (Reinforcement learning), Big Data and Cloud together with mobile app technologies for easy access, anywhere anytime. Also our solutions with modern technologies will add new dimensions to self learning, classroom teaching and also for distance education programs. All of our solutions are strongly backed-up by influential research findings in Teaching and Learning. Furthermore our solutions are designed to improve the performance, quality and productivity of Teaching and Learning.

With our AI, Big Data and ICT architecture, we have made Teaching and Learning best practices ,effortless to adopt and practice by educators and students. Otherwise, those best practices are being traditionally considered as manual, boring, hard to keep up in the long run, hard to build as behaviors and time-consuming to follow. These limitations make them rather inefficient & ineffective ,for most of the students and teachers, regardless of their high utility.

Also, the concepts & best practices introduced by us for teaching and learning ,will fit for modern digital world and for its residents. For an example, our learning accelerator ‘Knowledge tree structure’ can improve self learning dramatically when combined with our evaluation algorithms. And also, It will brake the barriers of reading endless study materials.

Our Reinforcement learning algorithms (Deep learning) together with Big Data analysis, will identify each student’s learning abilities across the syllabus in depth. And also her behaviors in studying (study patterns, peaks and drops, performance levels in different time of the day) ,psychology and physical fitness levels, and health conditions captured and considered as key inputs, when our AI System is making decisions, in guiding the student.

The system has been designed to groom individuals step by step, while making sure already implanted knowledge is retained and readily available by re-polishing it, in right intervals, with the help of spaced repletion techniques backed by AI algorithms.